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What you can learn from the best selling items on Amazon

Posted by MoneyNet Staff on January 16, 2017

popular items on Amazon

Introduction - the best selling items on Amazon

Looking at the best selling items on Amazon can result in very helpful information, especially in cases where a big competitor dominates the market and there simply isn’t any room to nudge. In more ways than one, the information created via these top sellers can help you decide and make choices that might even result in significant success -but how? 

Amazon is certainly one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world, and thanks to reviews and feedback given by users, you can quickly learn what items on Amazon could be profitable for you and which to avoid. This post will walk you through what you need to know.

How to find most popular items on Amazon


So how do you find which items are the most popular? There are numerous ways: Amazon’s Best Seller list can help narrow down the search, and one of the easiest ways to find the most popular items is simply via user feedback, ratings and reviews. Those will lead to the most honest feedback but it will require some research.

amazon bestsellers

To make your life a little bit easier, and without you having to scroll through Amazon’s Best Sellers, there are also software and research tools available that can help you automatically research and list the most popular sellers as well as notify you of any fast growing trends instantly.

Junglescout is a perfect example and widely used paid product research tool that shows you the approximate number of items sold a day in different categories, hence making it easier for you to determine what products are highly in demand.


Supply, demand and market domination

If an item is selling heavily and quickly, you can get a pretty decent idea of how big the market is, simply said the popularity of an item would quickly highlight a demand for said product. You can also get an easy eye on the competition, and note which sellers are moving the most product in the highest quantity (i.e. who is your biggest competitor), before you set foot into an already dominated market.

Trending items

Trends are forever changing, just like trending fashion if you will, there’s always a hot new item that picks up steam fast, and by studying the changing popular items you’ll be able to spot the trends happening and learn from them. But why is spotting trending items an advantage for you?

Noticing a substantial increase in a trending item means you can adapt your listing to be the most attractive to potential customers, easily outweighing the competition in time with the sudden trend change.

amazon trends

Due to outside influence an item can go from being the 10th sold for this particular piece to the 3 or 1st just due to trends changing. Trends can be effected and influenced heavily by numerous potential factors.

Studying the competition

As stated before, viewing the most popular items will let you scope out the competition before you step foot in an already dominated market. Far more behind the product being sold, you can gain valuable information on competitors and evaluate if the market is worth the risk. If the market is already dominated, it may not be a good idea to step on dominated terrain. Don’t plant a flag where there's no room to build.

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Secondary items

So you’ve scoped out the competition, and you’ve found the competition too hot to handle, this doesn’t mean, however, that there’s no room for profit. On every main product there are always secondary items recommended to bundle with it. This is a very decent chance to profit on: it’s beneficial due to the lower heat and more room to budge in the competition.

amazon secondary items

You’ll find that there is also a lot more variety of possible items to match with the primary product you are about to sell, meaning you have a much wider opening to make a profit off the popularity of the main product.

Price range

By scoping out the most popular items you can get a decent idea of how to price your items in the market, and you also get a good idea of the profit margin you have to work with. Deciding your margin for profit can mean that you can undercut (selling your products for a lower price) your competition if the market allows for the room It. 

This applies to secondary items too, getting a feel for which prices and what price range is selling, jumping into a market with too skinny of a profit margin or over pricing won’t lead to sales.

Amazon Best Seller Rank

Amazon sorts each item into multiple categories and ranks them in best-selling order. Take a look at your competitors and see which categories they are dominating. It could be tough to take on the big guys in a major category such as “Camera and Photo”, but if you niche down into some of the smaller categories, you will find easier competition in which to rank.

In the example below, the seller has achieved #7 ranking in the “DSLR Camera Bundle” category. This could inspire you to make a similar bundle for listing in that category and take on such competition – it might not be as hard as you think.

Amazon bundle

Google Trends

Finally, Google Trends is your friend. Use it to compare the popularity of search terms over time and within certain geographic areas. That way you can latch on to rising – not falling – stars, and target your campaigns to the right locations.

google trends

CONCLUSION - from the best selling items on Amazon

To sum all up, by keeping tabs on the most popular items, you’ll get an excellent idea of how to present your listings. Also, you can quickly find out which markets are viable to step into. If you fear for a market’s viability, you’ll find large openings in the secondary items available to couple up with the main product that will allow you make some headway into an already dominated market. 

You can also get an ideal price listing of the items and adjust your prices accordingly, allowing you to be one step ahead against your competition. The most popular items will also enable you to see if a market is already dominated, so you know how high the danger and risk of making a loss is. 

Happy selling! 


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