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Utilizing a specialist payment company provides your business a tailored solution with a focus on your needs as an e-seller. This is in contrast to catering to a wide range of businesses with a generalized solution that doesn’t really address the specific issues most e-sellers come in contact with. For an e-commerce business, selecting the appropriate e-payment model makes all the difference. With a focus on commercial transactions and low fees, specialist payment companies impose themselves as the go-to solution for e-commerce environments.

The answer to why Moneynet is everything you're looking for in a payment system can either be short or a long one. The short answer is that Moneynet is an all-round comprehensive tool for payment methods, exchange services and other solutions. The long answer is the rest of this article which will detail all the things why MoneyNet is one of the best payment systems around for your online e-commerce business.

1. Low fees and favourable rates 

How many times have you heard this or a similar phrase: “Our company offers the best pricing/lowest fees/cheapest service…”? If the answer is too many, then you’re right. And how many of those claims actually hold any grain of truth? If the answer is too few, then you’re also right.

Moneynet takes a different approach. We support our claims with facts and the facts say that, unlike banks, we don’t impose any fees for incoming international transfers into your account with Moneynet. There are no fees for setting up the account with us. There is no charge for transferring the funds to your bank account.

Thanks to our global network of worldwide banks and credit companies, our exchange rates are significantly better, lower and more competitive than those offered by the competition. The primary difference between Moneynet and others is that we charge a smaller margin and profit than other brokers and banks. We make money on the exchange rate spread, the difference between the buy and sell rate, which is why there are no extra fees, charges and commissions.

2. Flexibility

Hassle-free transactions is the one of the most important aspects of any online payment system worth its salt. Ease of transaction is a window into a payment service and best reflects the overall quality of it.

With that in mind, Moneynet employs a unique currency trading and payments system, which combines the best elements of FX trading and currency exchange. That way, we are able to offer a fully integrated payment solution that allows our customers to send and receive money to our account and transfer it anywhere without any limitations or restrictions through all modes of transactions.

On top of that, our online payment system enables instant online payments and payouts with a number of options. These include local wire payments, Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), direct debit, credit cards and more. Additionally, we can create your own online payment gateway for a more personalized experience.

As a true signs of flexibility, we are able to cater to any software through our advanced API. There is no need to change software that is already in place as we can seamlessly integrate with yours in a matter of minutes. You can send and receive payments, issue reports and enjoy the on-demand functionality of our top notch API.

One more thing that is rather important to note is that a business doesn't have to be registered as a US company to use Moneynet. We will help you open a US bank account under the company name so you can start your business and receive payments.

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3. Speed of service

Forget traditional bank transfers. Forget Paypal and similar, broad-based services. In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is hard pressed for time. We understand how important it is to operate swiftly in today’s e-commerce environment. That is why Moneynet makes automatic payments on receipt of your funds and beneficiary bank details. The majority of currencies can be credited to an account on the same day, depending on the currency and destination country.

Payments are faster because they are sent by SWIFT telegraphic transfer with most currencies being credited the same day client’s funds are received. That way, any time delays are eliminated. Moneynet always retains beneficiary bank details to avoid any need to further provide details for every transaction a client completes. This makes the overall communication much easier and efficient.

4. Security

When it comes to payments, safety is of the utmost concern. At Moneynet, we take security very seriously, which is why we are registered under the Data Protection Act to hold the minimum amount of data necessary to transact on your behalf. At no point does Moneynet publish any details to third parties other than the necessary details to complete transactions. Most importantly, we have a dedicated fraud protection team that guarantees nothing can go wrong.

In terms of fund storing, they are held in a secure segregated client account that is specifically used to lodge client funds. The funds are transferred upon written confirmation from the client. Moneynet does not speculate on the currency markets with clients funds.

5. Credibility

If you have any doubts after all that’s said, we’d just like to address one more thing.  MoneyNet is authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) for all trading activities, while we are also a Money Service Business (MSB) regulated by HMRC. All client funds are held in a segregated client account with Barclays Bank.


There you have it. Choosing the platform for online payments that best suits your needs can be tough. Hopefully, you gained a better idea about what kind of payment system Moneynet is and why you need it in a quickly changing and growing e-commerce ecosystem. A Moneynet account allows you to control multiple currency receivables while taking full advantage of low transaction costs and competitive market rates. No fees for incoming transfers, the flexibility, speed of and the subsequent security aspect provide a payment service that is tailored for both an established or emerging e-commerce business. Moneynet will help you to streamline your entire store set-up process, maximise your opportunities and increase profit margins.

Lastly, we'd like to invite you to schedule a FREE 15 min consult with MoneyNet's expert consultants to evaluate your current business and learn how to cut down costs. Intersted? just click here ==>

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