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In a way, e-commerce has become a way for businesses across the globe to not only to sell to customers but also to engage them and build relationships. With the current technology rapidly evolving, e-commerce is expected to continue the grow and even increase the rate of online shopping. Thus, it’s easy to overlook a service here and a feature, especially considering there is so much being offered. Hence, it makes perfect sense that an e-seller, trying to grab a piece of the booming market, overlooks a certain aspect of e-commerce. As a result, that can affect revenue and growth. Nevertheless, no need to worry as this post will introduce you to some less known ecommerce services that play an important role in the grand scheme of things. Once again, we’re on top of things.

1. Automatic PPC (pay per click) on Amazon

We kick things off with PPC, a form of advertising on the world’s largest online retailer. It provides more opportunity for your products to be seen and sold. The PPC platform can help you sell your inventory quicker while increasing your organic rankings in the process..The ad program is relatively easy to implement, but there are less optimization options compared to Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. However, since paid search campaigns are primarily about optimization, there are some things you can do to fine-tune it in order to save money and convert more sales.

Namely, you can automate the entire proceeding. There is a host of software products like Amazooka, PPCscope, Sellics and others that provide automated bid management on your paid Amazon ads based on real-time data. The data includes:

  • an advanced in-depth analysis of your sales
  • PPC costs
  • average cost of sales (ACoS) percentage
  • cost per click (CPC) data

and more in an instant. Further analysis for successful automation includes how well your Amazon sponsored product campaigns perform by looking at impressions, click through rate (CTR), and conversion rate (CR). As a result, by knowing exactly how your PPC campaigns perform through your key metrics, you are able to automate, improve and optimize them for maximum profit and ROI.

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2. Price adjustment tools

As the technology advances, so does the market research and analysis. Nowadays, there are automated software suites that perform price adjustments and optimization based on active knowledge of hundreds of thousands, even million products. Price optimization can be used to create tailored pricing for customer segments by anticipating the response of targeted customers to price changes based on data-driven framework. Due to the high levels of complexity of pricing countless items in dynamic market conditions, the subsequent results and insights helps to gauge demand, develop pricing and promotion policies and strategies, as well as and enhance customer satisfaction.

Companies like Intelligence Node, Revionics, WisePricer, Price2Spy, and numerous others offer price optimization products that replace time-consuming manual repricing with highly automated processes. They create customized dynamic pricing rules for your products that go in line with your business strategy. You receive reports on price trends, competitors’ price distribution, competitors’ margin and lots of other competitive factors in order to gain valuable insights and create the pricing structure that maximizes your profits and revenue.

3. Amazon FBA reimbursements software

This is another cost-cutting tool Amazon sellers can utilize in their daily operations. The story here is that when you lose or damage one of your inventory items, Amazon’s policy to replace  or reimburse you the replacement value of your item, minus the FBA and selling on Amazon fees, naturally. There is an established reimbursement policy for lost or damaged inventory. However, FBA reimbursements and fees aren’t always processed correctly which is when software suits like AMZSuite, Refunds Manager, AMZRefund and others come into play.

When withheld funds are not returned, it’s the sellers responsibility to submit a request for reimbursement. The process is arduous and time-consuming, but above all - complicated. These third-party tools completely automate the process by identifying reimbursements that you rightfully deserve and automatically open a dispute to recover your money. They also reconcile refunds and manage damaged inventory, all the while being really affordable. Setting up an automation software can give you precious time back for your business and get back money that you would have eventually lost.

4. Review-based solutions

Last but not least, we have review-based solutions that are designed to help businesses manage online customer reviews. We all know that reviews are extremely important in directly influencing sales and brand positioning. It’s a daily challenge and not all companies have the manpower to cope with all the reviews left online by their customers, which is why there are SaaS applications like The Review Solution, Shopper Approved, Reviews and others that offer custom review collection solutions for enterprise-level customers.

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Source: Reviews

Five-star reviews and ratings are proven methods to attract customers and amp up your overall sales. As different businesses require different review tools and distribution channels, these services provide the tools you need to properly collect customer reviews from different stores and marketplaces, format and display them at all the right places - Google Adwords, Bing Ads, product listing ads (PLA’s), various social networks and so on, thus giving you maximum visibility.

5. ACH

ACH, short for Automated Clearing House, is an e-commerce payment service that manifests as an electronic network for various financial transactions in the good ole US of A. It specifically enables online stores to electronically collect payments from customers as it can be used for both single-entry payments and recurring payments by directly debiting either customer's checking or saving accounts.

how does ACH work

Source: Payments Cards And Mobile

But why is ACH even worth mentioning? We’re glad you asked.

Let’s take Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, as an example. Your bank account for Amazon payments falls into one of two categories:

  • ACH compliant
  • non-ACH compliant.

Even though ACH is used primarily in the USA, the system has been overlapped to other nations, including the countries of the European Union, Canada, Australia, India, and others. For sellers whose country is not ACH-compliant list, there is always a specialist money payment service to take care of business.

So how can an e-seller take advantage of ACH? It is a quite secure system with high levels of encryption, offering single and batch payments, as well as auto invoicing, payment and payment tracking, which makes it ideal for recurring billing. However, probably the biggest appeal to use ACH is low processing fees, compared to credit cards and checks. It’s features faster processing, meaning receiving payment in same day through ACH transfer is a reality.Specialist money payment companies such as MoneyNet offer ACH as a part of their service.


Hopefully, we cast some light on these less known, but important e-commerce services. In today’s growing fierce competition, an e-commerce business needs to identify and employ all of the facets of e-commerce in order to ensure success. Services like ad and price optimization, Amazon FBA reimbursements, review collection and distribution and ACH, even though not in the forefront of e-commerce services, deserve your attention as they can help optimize your online shop, provide real-time actions, save on fees and attract and retain consumers with their convenience and efficiency. They feature high levels of automation which, in turn, translates to faster and less expensive business operations. .

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