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social media marketing tips for affilates

Introduction to social media marketing tips

With its steady and wide-reaching presence in the online world, social media is one the most powerful tools for all things Internet. This includes marketing, which done correctly, can be the ultimate weapon in your arsenal of affiliate marketing. If you are wondering why, we’ll let you in on the know - it’s one of the fastest and simplest ways to make some money online, not to mention highly effective if your affiliate machine is well oiled.

In a socially driven business such as affiliate marketing, you want to make sure you go beyond the regular sharing of your affiliate link in your social media posts. You want to create actual value for your readership or they’ll lose interest, which, in turn, will render your efforts in vain. It’s an ongoing process that deserves careful deliberation and attention, which is why we’ll try and make it a bit easier on you with this post by presenting several social media marketing tips for a more effective use of your social media presence.
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1. Create Redirect Links

We’ll begin with something simple. If you haven't used the option to redirect links before, now is the time to do so. The reason why is fairly obvious -  affiliate links are usually just a random string of numbers and letters which make the link look like spam. Chances are, no one is going to click on it as people wary of clicking links they don’t know where they lead. Look at it below - would you?


With a redirect link, you avoid turning off potential traffic and get a much simpler and “cleaner” link that looks attractive enough to garner more clicks. If you are using a link shortening service such as tinyurl.com, bit.ly, goo.gl or any other, just make sure they allow the use of affiliate links, Here you can check another affiliate tools!

2. Use Images

It’s really not a secret you’ll get significantly more engagement with a post that features an image. Images attract clicks and going by the old adage, they are worth a thousand words each. If you don’t believe us, just take a glance at your own social media newsfeed. When scrolling casually, what is the type of posts featured the most? Images, that’s right. Using visual representation of the content you are promoting will naturally catch the eye of your readers and draw their attention.

most shared post from facebook 2014most shared content from facebook 2014

The effect of photos on social media sites [Image Credit: Social Media Examiner]

Some social media like Instagram is a given when talking about posts with photos. Others require you to manually add images. Either way, be sure not to use images without permission and always credit the author. Some affiliate programs offer photo material with them but if that’s not the case, google what you need and set the adequate usage right (“Labelled for reuse” is okay). Or, at the very least, you can always take a screen grab of the website you are promoting and then link that photo with your affiliate link.

3. Be entertaining

Many affiliates fall into a pitfall of using social media solely for the selling angle. The problem is, that’s not what social media is about. In fact, one could even argue that the majority of social media is anything but for shopping. Most users are there for fun, to relax and connect with others on a daily basis. Forcing the sales aspect in every single of your posts won’t get you far. It gets old very fast and you risk being labeled as a spammer, due to the one-way message.

What you need are posts that are entertaining, engaging and helpful. There is no need to sell with every post, you should only add your affiliate link when appropriate. The key is to gain attention, which will eventually turn into trust. Then you can finally monetise your content.

An example of entertaining social media affiliate post
Source:This Is Why I’m Broke

4.Build your email list

Social media is also great for growing your email list and then using it to make affiliate promotions. This way, you avoid the potential risk of being banned if you are not sure your social media website allows affiliate links, while also maximising your conversions. Naturally, the bigger the list gets, the more traffic and sales there will be. In order to entice email submissions, your content needs to provide high value while being free (or be the equivalent of a cost of an email, if you look at it that way) so you can gain the trust of your audience.

maximize your affiliate campaigns


5. Be active

Being a frequent occurrence in the feeds of your social media audience is key to delivering constant traffic. Once you gain their trust, they want to hear from you on a regular basis. Thus, it’s important to deliver but also not to dilute your effort on too many social media platforms. After all, being active takes time, especially since you aim at providing highly relevant and targeted content. Over time, you’ll set standards you want to uphold and those include both frequent and concentrated posting.

Remember - your content is everything
All of the tips mentioned above carry little weight if the content your produce isn’t high quality. Your content comes first. Think about it - can your post hold its own without the affiliate link? Does it bring value? Does it grab the attention of your audience in the first place? These are some of the crucial questions your content needs to answer in order to produce an effective social media marketing campaign. Quality content that is interesting and helpful will pull in your social media readership and result in plenty of traffic and, more importantly, sales.


Social media is envisioned as a user-friendly platform that is simple at its core. So, whether you are posting your road trip photos or showing off your latest shopping purchase, the same principle goes for posting the affiliate link to your audience. By following these simple, yet effective social media marketing tips, you will raise your social media affiliate effort to new levels and use it to the best of its abilities, thus reaping all the benefits that come with it.

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