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Private label amazon: what the experts are saying

Posted by MoneyNet Staff on January 11, 2017

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Private label Amazon is is a brilliantly easy, and surprisingly effect way of selling generic items as your own!  Private Amazon is buying a product direct from the manufacturer and re-branding it as your own. This means your own logo, your own packaging and your own marketing campaign that’s better than your competition.


For example: say you wanted to sell keychains. You would go to a local store that sells these generic keychains for a very low price, slap your brand on the back of it, package it in a nice box with your logo on it and sell it for a higher price on Amazon, if the market so allows it.

One of the key things to keep in mind is convenience, people want their products to come to them! The best way to assure this, is to take advantage of Amazon’s FBA. This post will teach you how.

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA (“Fulfilled by Amazon”) is a service sent us from those lovely chaps at amazon themselves. FBA can be a game changer when talking about private label Amazon. To sum it up, you send in your item to Amazon and they handle the shipping (for a price of course). This means you won’t have to sell your kidneys to handle the post and packaging costs if someone from far away buys your products.

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For instance, say you lived outside of the USA and Frank Underwood from the States wants to buy your product. Here’s where Amazon’s FBA comes into play: You don’t need to worry that Frank won’t get his product, since you’ve already shipped your items to Amazon’s fulfilment center from where it is shipped to Frank. Plus, despite it being cost and time saving, you don’t even have to worry about any customer service. So if Frank is experiencing issues with your product, the customer service of Amazon kicks in and takes over. 

What is white label?

If you’re a seller, and started selling products online, you’ve certainly came across the term “White label”.  However, for Amazon retail arbitrage, white label is of no importance, as it refers to a service, and not to any physical item.

Again this can be done in a similar fashion to private label. Look at a service already in motion and rebrand it with your own personal flair, logo and style.

How to get started with private label

getting started

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To get started selling private label you have to ask yourself a few questions. It may seem like an intimidating process, but if you step back and take a look at the battlefield before charging in you’ll find that even the most intimidating of beasts has its weak spots! Analysis of your market before you invest is the best way to avoid any loss, and guarantee a fantastic, and profitable selling experience. But what questions do you ask? That’s exactly the right question! 

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  • Does a big name already dominate the market?

Is there a household name already dominating the sales on Amazon? For example, you couldn’t compete against “Coca-Cola” in selling cola. When approaching the market, you have to take note of the names behind the product. You could however be more crafty regarding this... How? Selling secondary items, or related items that that name does not dominate. For example, don’t sell Coca-Cola, sell a fancy glass to drink the Coke FROM! See what we mean? 

  • What’s the sale rank for items in the market?

You have to evaluate if the product you want to sell, is ACTUALLY selling, there's no point in investing in a market that moves as slow as a snail. Take a look at a few items in the market and see how they sell, if the sales ranks are good the investment is good.


  • What's the average sale price on an item?

You have to make sure you’re actually going to make a profit on the items you want to sell. And where can you buy that item for cheaper? Easy point to make, buy low and sell high, is this possible? Keep in mind amazon FBA and any other expenses (your logo etc) Should be added to the cost equation 

  • Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

High ranking items on Amazon are the highly reviewed items! When spotting items to sell in a market, you want to pick high selling items with low review counts. If the spots hold low review amounts? That's a chance to build a fantastic image for yourself. Now while the options to gather reviews may be tempting (buying them) -don’t. Fake reviews will destroy your brand image and can easily be spotted.

"reviews are absolutely priceless"

Source: MCAcademy 

Honest reviews from verified purchases are still the most valuable ones. You might have come across sites like Vipon, where you can offer your products at a discounted price. Users registered on this platform can apply to purchase your product and once you approve it, you send them a discount code for them to buy your product on Amazon cheaper or even for free. But since buyers want to buy more and more discounted products, they will most probably leave 5-star reviews every time they receive a discount code. Plus their reviews might be very vague, generic, and most of the time copy & pasted.


  • Keyword searches

Check the keyword searches for the product, something that hits high in search rates. This is pretty self-explanatory, if people are searching for it, then it has a buyer base. According to Kenny McLovin, a successful seller on Amazon, the products that are in high demand can be found in the categories of toys, office supplies and electronics. 



If you take the above points into consideration before jumping in, you stand a good chance in the competitive Amazon market. The most important thing is the right target

market. If you get that right, with practice and patience you will turn a profit. Remember, just because a big or even household name dominates a market, it doesn’t mean you can’t be successful too.  Most importantly, be realistic and think within your budget. There is plenty of room in a healthy marketplace and private labeling with Amazon is a great place to dive in


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