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Introduction - Innovative E-Commerce Solutions

In e-commerce, your business infrastructure can be defined as the various components and services which hold your business together – the links in the chain from A to Z that enable you to do everything from the supply chain, to marketing, to receiving payments. As a business owner, it’s natural and necessary to examine each part of the whole to see where efficiencies can be made and costs saved. 

As you know, in an e-commerce business, not only do your sales tend to grow in stops and starts, but your business infrastructure itself can sometimes grow in an unplanned fashion. That is, all of the different parts of your system, your platforms, payment systems, marketing channels, etc. can sometimes expand piece by piece into a complicated whole. That’s when you need to take a step back and evaluate the various pieces of the puzzle. Are they actually good for your business, or can better solutions be found? Simplification and cost savings are the main drivers here. 

MoneyNet is designed to simplify and save at each step of the finance process providing e-commerce solutions  for those with online businesses: making payments, receiving payments, and transferring funds. This post will help you understand just how we do that.

Opening a US and EU Bank Account with MoneyNet

MoneyNet enables any merchants located across the globe to open a United States or an European Union bank account to which they can receive online payments. This is a real bank account under your own name. By comparison, a service such as Payoneer offers only a “virtual” bank account which is not actually registered with the bank under your name – this is in fact an aggregated account belonging to the service provider. MoneyNet enables you to go beyond this level of service by opening your own account with their innovative and secure solutions. And what about fees and charges? In fact, such a bank account can be opened through MoneyNet free of all fees. Typically, opening a US or an EU bank account comes with requirements such as opening fees and minimum deposits. All of these are eliminated with MoneyNet, which we believe opens up unprecedented access to the US or an EU e-commerce markets for international sellers. 

In addition, all of the necessary application and approval process can be done online. In the past, many business owners had to either travel to the spot to open an account in person, or establish their identity via use of legals proxies and accountants to do the same. This is no longer necessary, as the entire process can quickly and conveniently be completed online. 

When using your MoneyNet account you are able to send funds onward to anywhere, unlike some other services where you are restricted to a set list of destination accounts to send to. This will enable you to use your account for a variety of purposes, such as paying various suppliers, as well as withdrawing to your principal personal or business bank account. 

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Simplify Your Business

MoneyNet offers a complete e-wallet solution (we’ll get to it in just a minute), as well as merchant payment systems, with simple transactions and secure online money transfer. The online purchase process is secured, includes fraud protection, and personalised to your business. We focus on simplifying the process for the end user with a simple interface and online reporting tools. The result is less friction at all levels of the process and a seamless experience. Our years of experience have gone into creating and integrating the back-end and front-end to maximise value for our sellers. At MoneyNet, we know e-commerce and the needs of our clientele, and that’s where our focus lies.

The same goes for our credit card processing facilities, which are tailored to you whether local or international. 

Cut Your Business Expenses 

When it comes to international currency transfers, banks typically charge up to 3% (on top of the “hidden” fees built into their exchange rates, which can be substantial) while providers like Payoneer or PayPal charge 2-3% or more. This compares with MoneyNet’s fees of 1% which we believe represents one of the best values currently available to international merchant sellers. There are no hidden fees and minimal or zero set-up fees. Our strength is our transparency and commitment to value which we believe will result in long-lasting valued-added relationships. 

We feel our e-wallet solution deserves a special mention here as it boasts some unique features. Namely, it can significantly cut your expenses in two principal ways:


  • By receiving money through it to your MoneyNet US/EU local bank account, you pay significantly lower fees compared to international transfer;
  • By opting to withdraw money with our e-wallet, you can convert the funds to your local currency at very attractive rates (far better than those found at banks or payment processors like PayPal) and avoid paying fees for receiving money in a foreign currency.

We know receiving and withdrawing money always entails fees, which is why we have created an e-wallet solution that minimizes both. That way, you can pay for any service you like in various currencies and circumvent conversion and withdrawal fees set through wire transfers, PayPal and alike.

Integrated Solutions For Customers

In running your successful e-commerce store, you know that it’s all about meeting the customers’ needs and solving their problems, creating value and overcoming objections. MoneyNet understands the process you go through in your entire sales cycle, and is committed to integrating seamlessly. That’s why we have the best fraud protection for transactions, full compliance with relevant UK and EU authorities for financial solutions, and the best interface. We also streamline for you with our money transfer systems, making it easy and at industry-leading rates.

MoneyNet’s services allow receiving of funds via a variety of methods, included ACH for those based in the USA, SEPA for Euro-denominated funds, as well as full credit card processing facilities. We are a full-featured payments solution tailored for your different needs. 

Time to Make a Change?

The payments, e-commerce and fintech industries are in a continual state of change and innovation and keeping up can be hard to do if you are chained to legacy procedures. At MoneyNet, we aim to produce solutions for e-commerce merchant’s entire business process. Is it time to examine where your business can make gains by a simplified payments process, lower rates, and top-level support? Talk to us today about how we can improve your business process, save you money and support your business. Simply schedule a FREE 15 min consult with MoneyNet's expert consultants by clicking below ==>

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