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Affiliate marketing is a neat way to make money off your website, particularly if you focus on a specific or niche topic and subject. Here’s a high five if you’re enjoying great success with it but chances are, it could do better. It always does as being an affiliate requires changes and tweaks every once in awhile.

As always, we’re on alert and ready to help out. Below you’ll find several useful tips on how to keep your affiliate revenue on the rise and increase the success of your affiliate campaigns. Top floor, please.

Promote Products you Know

Content is everything in affiliate marketing but not everyone knows how to produce quality one. Thus, it helps to promote products you already have a rapport with. If you have certain experience with it, you’ll be able to provide a more honest and natural-sounding feedback. That, in turn, gives your audience the confidence and builds trust to follow your recommendations. All this, in the end, creates the all-coveted organic traffic that’s one of the main boosters of your affiliate revenue.

Try to make it into a habit of getting to know better products you advertise. If you are promoting a store, try shopping in it to get a glimpse of the process and overall experience. If you are writing about a specific product or a service, use it before you promote it to get a full picture. When you create content about the things you know, your readership will feel much more confident about all the information you give. Readers can usually tell when you truly love something, which will raise their comfort levels enough to click through your affiliate links and sign up for your offer.

Promote Products your Target Audience Knows

Promoting products you know isn’t a must-have to maximise your revenue (although it helps). The other part of the equation is your audience. They are the ones that all your efforts are concentrated to and you can always approach them from a different angle. What we’re talking here about doesn’t necessarily have to be an exact match to whatever your blog or website core topics are. However, they need to be highly relevant to your target audience.

For instance, say your website covers the electronics for hobbyists niche. You generally write about products like sensors, cables, connectors, tools, kits and every other electronic component there is. Would it have much sense to promote an offer about hosting? Or travel arrangements? Or seasonal clothing? Marginally, at best. But, if you know your readership’s demographics and know it’s mostly men, say, then an ad for a shaving product wouldn’t be off course (let’s just hope your target audience is really hairy).

maximize your affiliate campaigns


Be Smart About your Links

Running an affiliate campaign carries with itself numerous little things that require attention. One of the most important ones are your affiliate links. It’s an inherent part of the effort that should come organically. Overdoing it brings nothing good, rest assured. Oversaturating your content with affiliate links every once in awhile will either annoy your audience or make them link-blind. In any case, that’s counterproductive. Use your links sparingly and place them organically so your audience clicks naturally to get more information./p>

Placing those very links is also important. There are differences if you place your affiliate links at different parts of your content. Why? Because the way we humans read and scan for information. Usually, the first two or three paragraphs are make-or-break so placing them in that area makes sure your audience doesn’t stop reading before it reaches your affiliate links. The bottom part (toward the end) of the text is also a good idea for link placement. That way, readers who went through your content have a logical next step available to them.

Link placement example

Image: YouTube

Finally, text links are the main bread and butter of almost every affiliate strategy and the most popular way of placing affiliate links. However, it’s good to have options of displaying your links outside the boundaries of text. For instance, you can use a sidebar or a custom widget to display links to products you are promoting.

Be on the Lookout for Trends

Trends come and go, this happens all the time. Remember the Pokemon Go craze? Even the affiliate world wasn’t immune to it, with plenty of available CPA offers once things really started to heat up. The point is there are always trends, promotions and seasonal content you can leverage. Be sure to stay in line with the holiday seasons, as well as what’s happening the entire year so you can offer specifically targeted content and promotions on a regular basis.

Join the SEO Side

As you work your way to the top of affiliate stardom, the visitor count will increase, as well as your authority and links. Making sure your content is SEO-filtered will help you fully capitalise on the opportunity to raise your revenue through better search placement. Now, there’s no need to be overly aggressive with SEO efforts - just the basics will be enough, at least for starters. Best of all - it’s easy to learn and accessible with many free guides you can go through.

Make Sure you are Not Bleeding Money

When all's said and done, revenue is about money and crunching of the numbers. In many cases, numbers show efforts to maximise affiliate profitability fall somewhat short due to overwhelming fees when sending and receiving money to pay for ads, services and so on. No need to sweat about it as there are payment solutions that are more merchant-centric than general purpose ones. Be on the lookout for lower fees (especially for international payments), favourable conversion rates and different useful features the service provides.


At the end of the day (or post, in our case), one of the most important things to remember in affiliate marketing is to dedicate yourself to it. If the dedication isn’t there, you simply won’t affect your revenue the way you want to. Thus, it’s up to you take advantage of these tips to increase your affiliate revenue for your blog or website.

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