July, 9th 2020 | 4 min read

International payments are nothing new. Trade has been around for centuries; what was once “paid for” in commodities and local resources, was revolutionised with the advent of standardised currency around the 7th century BCE. Currency may not have changed drastically since then, but what has evolved is the means, speed at which transactions are done, and the sheer volume of those transactions. Over the last few years, another revolution has taken shape in the payments industry with the rise of non-bank payment institutions. 

These digital payment services connect the world and have made cross-border payments faster, safer, and more reliable- allowing for new business models, new ventures, and endless growth opportunities. 

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In this article, we delve into these main topics within MoneyNetint to learn why it is the ideal choice for your business over traditional transfer methods:


When you transfer money using a traditional bank there’s a lack of transparency throughout the process. It’s not always clear whose hands your money is in while waiting for a transaction to go through. And the worst part; while your money is jumping from place to place, at each stop, someone is taking a nibble out of your transaction- meaning less money is reaching the destination. 

But it doesn’t need to be this way. MoneyNetint has developed a direct relationship with payment institutions all over the world, enabling it to use fewer intermediaries to process your payment. When your money is touched by fewer intermediaries it consequently results in more money reaching the targeted accounts and fewer fees paid on the way. You should always know where your money is and who is touching it.

Faster Transactions

Gone are the days when you don’t know when your money will reach its destination. Using legacy payment providers, like banks, who depend on outdated payment infrastructures, the process is slowed and the movement of your money is dragged out. If you need a payment to be executed quickly, as most payments these days necessitates, these methods can’t guarantee a quick arrival to the target account. MoneyNetint makes quick and efficient work to get your money where it needs to be as quick as possible. With our solution, when you process your payment in the morning, in most cases it will reach its destination account by the end of the same day, or 48 hours if it is to an exotic location.


We’ve all been there. We send money off to its destination and hope it makes it to the other side. We assume that after a few days, the transfer has been made and that the full sum of the transaction has successfully arrived at the destined account. But to confirm this, it requires time and effort, checking and rechecking with your beneficiary to find out if your money made it. While this may be true for a conventional provider, transfers within the MoneyNetint ecosystem are notified to the beneficiary immediately upon execution enabling quick confirmation on each transaction. There’s no need to waste your time checking and rechecking to see the status of your transfer. 

Think Global, Act Local

You shouldn’t have to limit your business opportunities or have your growth stunted by a narrow list of destinations to where you can send your money. This is what happens when using traditional payment methods. MoneyNetint allows you to make payments to anyone in the world in more than 35 currencies, enabling your business to expand and thrive in new markets. 


No Hidden Fees

There’s nothing worse than receiving a payment only to realize that it is less than the amount you were expecting. After digging a little deeper you confirm that the sender sent the correct amount, but other factors came into play reducing that amount. What happened? Hidden fees! MoneyNetint’s transparent services mean no hidden fees along the way so both the sender and receiver know exactly how much the final payment will be. 

Physical Presence

Opening a local currency account in a foreign country to enable your business to establish a presence isn’t easy. Traditionally, you are forced to go to that country and be physically present to open the new account. 

MoneyNetint’s unique online solution allows you to open a local account in USD, EUR or GBP from anywhere, even from the convenience of your home or office, allowing you to expand your global presence with ease. 

Superior Technology

Throughout the last few decades, while technology has been drastically changing many industries, the conventional payments industry has been slow to take notice. Outdated payment infrastructures don’t support mass payments nor simple integrations- limiting your business from scaling. This has created an opportunity for solutions like MoneyNetint’s multi-currency eWallet accounts. eWallets use cutting-edge technology and simple API to enable you to execute multiple transactions instantly, in bulk, and in ways that suit you and your business. 

Trust and Security

While traditional payment methods leave you hanging in regards to the whereabouts of your money, our solution keeps your money safe in segregated safeguarding accounts, and in the hands of people you know and trust, and whom you can approach directly with any question or request.


There are no more excuses for international payment issues to inhibit your business growth. You’re no longer tied down to outdated payment methods and infrastructures that lack the transparency and the trust needed, which are fundamental for any business. 

MoneyNetint’s payment solution is bringing a revolution to the payment industry which will have you say goodbye to the risks and limits that you’re used to. MoneyNetint makes international payments simple by freeing you to financially think global, act local.

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