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Being an affiliate is no easy task. While there are lots of options with numerous affiliate programs open for cooperation, reigning in the best affiliate commission requires smart work. Not hard work but smart. Not every affiliate program is made equal nor you’ll get the same commission. Thus, you need to pick the one that best suits your strengths as an affiliate and your target audience.

With that in mind, we’ll cover the topic of best affiliate commission in this post - how to get it and what to avoid to create the ultimate win-win framework for both you and your visitors.

1. Have your Own Website

One of the major dilemmas affiliates often have is whether to compete for affiliate commissions through their own website. When you delve deeper into the mindset of such individuals, you can certainly see where they are coming from. You see, there are already numerous websites that cover almost every niche product and market there is. They get loads of traffic and deliver the goods to the right people that visit those site. Thus, it’s a legitimate and reasonable question to ask - why would you need a website to enter the overwhelming competition, especially when you can target those very same sites and their demographic with a CPC campaign using banners?

There are two main reasons why you want to have a website. Firstly, many consumers are used to seeing ads and banner in that they have developed a so-called “banner blindness”. They only glaze over the advertisements, often just registering them but not paying much attention to their message. That is not to say they are not effective, it’s just that you shouldn’t be limiting yourself to them only.

maximize your affiliate campaigns

Another reason is the almighty organic traffic. Affiliates should never underestimate its importance as neither do consumers and especially Google, who puts much effort into it. With your own website, you harvest all the organic traffic you receive and further grow it through opportunities your website provides. For instance, you can have an email signup where you can build an email list for retargeting your subscribers. If you have a social media presence, you can build a following through your website. All in all, it’s a similar ploy to a landing page we discussed in our affiliate marketing tips post. By building your own website, you create a brand that will bring value to visitors and create trust that will benefit you in the long run, as opposed to being a nameless face behind a CPC campaign.

2. Partner Up With High-Paying Affiliate Programs You Can Deliver To

While it’s an obvious choice to partner up with programs that offer high commissions, you need to be able to deliver results. So, if your niche is retail market and summer clothes per se, you’ll have a hard time delivering conversions. You have to know your audience in order to make the most out of them, otherwise, you’ll be preaching to the choir with your generic campaign.

An example of high-paying affiliate commissions Illustration

An example of high-paying affiliate commissions

Source: ShoutMeLoud

Different affiliate offers yield different conversion processes. So, it doesn’t matter if you are getting a 20/30/XX % commission if you have low conversions. More likely than not, you’re bleeding money on those offers. Smart affiliates promoting offers that are closely related to their audience, thus legitimately aiming for high conversion rates.

3. Ask for a new payout

This seems like an obvious solution yet isn’t necessarily so. Your affiliate manager can actually raise your payout, provided you give him a good reason to do so. By good reason, we mean steady sales on a regular basis. The majority of affiliate networks favor large volumes of conversions over small campaigns with high ROI because of how the system works. Since they are earning a fixed commission for all of the sales you make, high volume of conversions means a steady flow of money. They hate to lose their cash cows so if you are indeed on the upper scale of affiliate efficiency, don’t hesitate to ask you affiliate manager for a new, higher payout. You can seriously improve your ROI and scale your affiliate campaigns better.

4. Cut down your costs through payment service

Best affiliate commissions tend to be just that on paper once you look at the final tally in your bank account. This, in particular, pertains to affiliates are a part of many affiliate networks and thus see sizeable amounts of international traffic when it comes to payments. How so? Because not every payment service offers the same benefits. Some are more flexible, others are perhaps more recognized or faster or whatever. In the end, what kills the spirit are fees, those pesky little fees.

The important thing to remember is that there are always options, always. A tailored service will provide features that directly play along to your modus operandi. For instance, by using MoneyNetint or a similar service, you can pay significantly lower fees for receiving the money or have the option of converting it in your account to the currency of your choice. That means you can use your existing balance to pay for services in various currencies and circumvent high conversion fees set by banks. Not to mention there are services with significantly lower fees for different aspects of money transfer and some innovative solution. Always be on the lookout for those, it’s the smart thing to do.

Conclusion - affiliate commission

If you are serious enough to actively promote your affiliate offers with a bit of concentrated effort, affiliate programs can provide you with some of the highest ROI compared to any job or investment of time and money there is today! It all sounds so sweet but you need to be smart in order to make that happen. Getting the best affiliate commissions requires a few things on your part. You should bode well to invest in your website in order to compete for the highly-coveted organic traffic. As a smart and responsible affiliate, you need to source out affiliate offers that are beneficial to both you and your audience to actually not lose money on them. Of course, if you perform well, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a promotion, while a specialist payment service can help you minimize your processing costs through various affiliate-friendly services.

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