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affiliate ROI tips

Return on investment (ROI) is an interesting thing. It can take a lot out of you and yet give back so little. In the affiliate sense, achieving desirable ROI levels requires a keen strategy that will fully utilise all your efforts and create highly profitable campaigns. It’s a tough gig with all the affiliates around making one competitive scene. However, we’re here to help as much as we can, which is why we’ll detail further below some of the best affiliate tips when it comes to ROI.

Please beware - using these tips can significantly impact your affiliate ROI for the better. Don’t say we didn’t “warn” you.

1.Landing page works wonders for better conversions

Let’s get one thing straight from the get-go. Yes, routing traffic straight to your offers can bring profitability. No, you don’t need to have a landing page, per se. However, since we are talking about best affiliate ROI tips, a landing page is very much in the talks for increased ROI. It acts as a bridge between your advertisement and the offer you are sending traffic to.

An example of a landing page

Image: Asimodo Ltd

We are keen on the idea of it also being an unofficial FAQ page where it addresses all major aspects of your offer and the questions of your visitors. With the key information that is available as soon as an interested party clicks on your ad, you’ll have a platform ready to entice the visitors and keep them interested to the end. The beauty of the landing page is that it can be quite simple yet highly effective with the right content and design. A bullet point here, a headline there and a couple of highlights - you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to pull it off, yet it can sizeably increase your ROI.

2. Rely heavily on retargeting

While you don’t necessarily need to implement retargeting on every visitor, the majority simply demand it. It’s fairly logical yet affiliates don’t use it nearly enough. Once a prospective customer shows that initial interest, isn’t the next step to advance the relationship? You now know your target audience and retargeting does its best to reign them in for good. It’s effective as you are (re)targeting those who already know a thing or two about the product or service you are advertising, especially compared to running non-retargeting ads.  In addition, retargeting is cheaper than opting for a brand new ad, while also being inconspicuous if you choose pixel tracking as seen in the Facebook example here.

maximize your affiliate campaigns

3. Track your links

While we’re on the subject of tracking, let’s take a quick look at your links. The reason why you should track them is to gain insights into which keywords are leading to conversions. That way, you can separate the wheat from the chaff and focus on what works. Once you get a better picture of your affiliate efforts, you are free to scale up your campaign

any way you like. Another benefit of tracking your links is seeing where your traffic is coming from, as well as where it is going to. This allows you to dig a bit deeper into your Analytics to see more details. For instance, you can see if your incoming traffic is coming from particular social media campaign or even a particular post and start to leverage the newfound knowledge, 

A basic example of link tracking insights


4. Test everything

There are different ways to test the performance of your affiliate campaigns, largely dependent on the nature of your distribution. However, it’s crucial to the success of those very campaigns to do as much testing as possible. The key is to keep optimising your campaigns - they can always do better as there are tweaks to make while the campaigns are running.

So, what falls under the “test everything” moniker? Lots of it, hence everything in the title. As an example, you can test different ad copies (split testing) to compare different variants of your ad (text, image, language, etc.) against each other in order to find out which of those versions performs the best. Testing different traffic sources is something you should definitely do as not all offers work or convert well on different platforms (what works on Adwords might not translate well to Twitter). You can test similar offers for the highest converter, different geo locations and much more - the point is not sitting idly but constantly improving for better ROI.

5. Focus on money processing fees

Very few affiliates pay attention to their payment processor. This is important as all the little fees and charges and commissions, and whatever else you get charged for when sending and receiving money, can add up to a tally you’d be surprised to see. Not to mention just setting up the account. This is a particularly valid point for those with a large(er) scope of operations that run multiple campaigns at once.

Luckily, there are options in the form of payment solutions that offer a tailored and focused service for e-commerce and affiliate dealings. You can get lower fees for receiving money internationally. You can get more attractive rates on in-account currency conversions and completely avoid both paying unreasonably high conversion fees and fees for receiving funds in a foreign currency, as well as use your multi-currency account for various payoffs. You can avoid fees for setting up the account in the first place. As said, there are options that better understand your needs and go in line with your efforts. You just need to look.


Putting your money to make the most out of your affiliate effort is one of the major challenges of affiliate marketing. Boosting your ROI to new heights demands, perhaps more so than anything else, the willingness to make changes as the affiliate campaign evolves. Affiliates who choose to employ these tips can make strides in optimising their affiliate campaigns to increase their ROI and get the full value of every bit of money they spend. Doing anything less will result in an affiliate effort that is simply just not living up to its potential.

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