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MoneyNet certified partner


In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing e-commerce world, there is no general rule of thumb that applies to all e-commerce needs. As a company that has been in this business for a long time and seen countless transformations of both businesses and markets, we know your goal is to stand out from every other competitor and maximise your earnings. Therefore, our goal is to help you achieve that goal by partnering up with us.

In this post, we will provide you with information on services that we offer our broad range of clients, as well as details on how Moneynetint can help you make money by becoming our certified partner. If you are an e-commerce agency, a private agent working with global businesses or simply a business with a website that generates relevant traffic, and you would like to turn that traffic/those contacts into money, then sit tight and pay close attention as what follows is perfectly tailored for you.

What you get out of being a MoneyNetint certified partner

Let’s cut straight to the good stuff and what interests you the most. We know what you are thinking - all this talk sounds sweet but where do you fit in all of this? Well, here is where.

Becoming a MoneyNet certified partner gives you the opportunity to be a part of a multi-billion a day dollar industry. Being our partner agent benefits you with excellent revenue and earning opportunity. When we say excellent revenue and earning opportunity, we truly mean it. You get a very solid % of the revenue MoneyNet is making on each of the transactions a referred client makes. We do all the prep work as there are no setup costs. It is well worth mentioning that opting to form a partnership with MoneyNet welcomes you to an exclusive club of our partners and provides you with a great opportunity to grow your business together with us.

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What MoneyNet brings to the table

First, a few words about the company (we promise we won’t bore you much). We are veterans of the industry with 12 years of experience in the financial sector. MoneyNet provides a wide array of payment and foreign exchange services and solutions for its clients with the ability of complete customization for every user.

Because you will be working with us, you will be able to add value to both your business and your existing customers by promoting specific MoneyNet services like our e-wallet solution or a multi-currency account, depending on the type of client. They will be able to use all the fine points that make MoneyNet a payment solution to be reckoned with. This includes:

  • Low fees and attractive rates

When we say low fees, we mean it. There are no fees for setting up the account with us, unlike some other services. Our exchange rates are considerably better, lower and more competitive than those offered by the competition. Take our e-wallet solution as an example.

When using our e-wallet, first and foremost, our customers will pay a fee for receiving multiple currency payments that is significantly lower than if it had been sent via international transfer. Then, MoneyNet customers have a rather unique option of converting funds to their currency at rather attractive rates and make a withdrawal without paying bank fees for receiving funds in foreign currency. That successfully circumvents high conversion and withdrawal fees set by banks and payment processors like PayPal. And that’s just our e-wallet service. All these things and many more make MoneyNet a real money saver for any client you refer to us as a partner.

  • High level of flexibility

Along with offering significantly lower fees, we help our customers open a US or EU bank account under their own name so they can optimize their business operations and receive payments at much lower costs. We offer a number of services so users have a broad choice of payment services to accommodate to their liking. This includes creating a customized payment gateway for a more personalized experience. MoneyNet has no trouble catering to any software through our advanced API. We are all about hassle-free transactions, as they should be.

  • Speed of service

Because time is critical in today’s rapidly-moving e-commerce world, we make automatic payments on receipt of funds and beneficiary bank details. The majority of currencies can be credited to an account on the same day, depending on the currency and destination country. We do our part to eliminate time delays and make communication easier and more efficient.

How to partner up with us

We partner with agents and agencies who display potential of being our long arm and driving quality referrals through our virtual doors. This is just to say that not everyone can be a partner as we are very cautious about the quality of the businesses we work with and have a zero tolerance policy for fraud. Just to give you an idea who can apply, our typical partners include e-commerce agencies, e-commerce forum and group managers, as well as private agents and influencers that proudly refer their online/offline tribes to us.

If you are interested in applying to become a part of MoneyNet’s growing pool of partners, simply contact us via:

  1. contacting us through our partner contact page
  2. dropping us an email at sales@moneynetint.com, including a short bio and portfolio, as well as every other data you feel will represent you well. We will get in touch with you once we go over the initial data you send us.


To wrap this up, let’s reiterate what we’ve said so far. MoneyNet offers a money transfer solution, which provides customers with a cost-effective range of money transfer products. It saves users money in a myriad of way, while being speedy and flexible to the max. We understand that the internet is a giant e-commerce and information machine and that there are businesses like yours that create valuable content and provide huge benefits to your visitors. Naturally, you want to be compensated for your hard work and we can provide just that. In return, because we always talk about tangible facts, you get a commission on what we make on each transaction from the client you refer. They get a reliable service which minimizes costs, we get a client, you get your share and everybody wins. That’s it, you know where to find us.

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