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MoneyNetint and Ripple Present :  International Money Transfers Without an Intermediary Bank Involvement

Posted by MoneyNet Staff on October 18, 2018


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Where to sell online: a list of the best marketplaces to consider

Posted by MoneyNet Staff on September 24, 2017

Knowing where to sell online is a bit of a challenge these days. With the e-commerce booming in the past few years, the list of online marketplaces is steadily growing. There are so many options for e-sellers to place their products that reaching the customers and selling to them should be a walk in the park. Perhaps in theory, but the reality is much grimmer. Marketplaces which incur hefty fees but don’t actually deliver customers provide a disservice to budding online sellers. As important as it is to have a quality product, it’s equally important to pick a proper marketplace to sell it.

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10 ways to reinvent your web store

Posted by MoneyNet Staff on September 19, 2017

Running a web store is no easy feat. Knowing how to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack that is competing for the same customer base is a formidable challenge, at best. With e-commerce growth rates reaching new heights every day, things are only getting tougher for online store owners to attract and retain their customers. So, some improvements are in order. Just have in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to reinventing your web store. In order to improve your customer experience and make purchasing easier, almost every corner of your virtual store needs some sort of change. So, without further ado, we’ll show you 10 ways how to achieve just that.

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Analytics ecommerce: the most important things you need to know

Posted by MoneyNet Staff on September 10, 2017

 Unlike its physical counterpart, an online store doesn’t have the luxury of seeing who its customers are and their habits up close and personal. Basically, an e-seller is unbeknown to a great deal of information about its visitors and customers. This is where analytics ecommerce steps in. It can vastly improve the effectiveness of the entire business operation, ranging from the marketing aspect to optimizing stores for better conversions and sales to understanding the audience.

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Want to step up your e-commerce funnel? You need to read this first

Posted by MoneyNet Staff on September 6, 2017

Across the e-commerce landscape, the competitive space is getting smaller. With the big players like Amazon, Flipkart and others stamping their ground, the little guys have a tough time getting their sales up. However, it’s not just a David vs Goliath battle. With the ever-competitive market, it’s every man (store or Amazon seller, in our case) for himself. To stand out and get the piece of that sweet e-commerce pie, e-sellers needs to provide a deeper value for their customers throughout the entire shopping experience. But how?

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Why you really need to know how to calculate ROI on your e-commerce efforts

Posted by MoneyNet Staff on September 4, 2017

In terms of importance, there is no metric more important for e-commerce people than ROI. Sales, traffic, conversions, and others - they all take a back seat in this case. Knowing why and how to calculate ROI comes down to common sense, really. If an investment doesn’t provide a positive return or there is another business aspect with a higher ROI, then that investment should be withdrawn and/or rerouted somewhere else.

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Fast track your Amazon customer reviews

Posted by MoneyNet Staff on August 24, 2017
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At last, the secret to Amazon Best Sellers is revealed

Posted by MoneyNet Staff on August 15, 2017

It’s one of the long-standing Amazon mysteries - how the Best Sellers are determined. Do sales represent the main drive behind Best Seller lists? Do best sellers get all the sales because of their ranking? Do buyers see them on the list and automatically go for their products? These are all the questions that get online sellers and merchants thinking. For that reason alone, we’ll address those very questions with this post and unravel the secret that is the Amazon Best Sellers list. Buckle up.

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Ewallet solutions all affiliates should be aware of

Posted by MoneyNet Staff on August 10, 2017

Ewallets or electronic wallets or online wallets, whichever you prefer, are increasingly becoming a more safe and secure way to both send and receive money. With the ever-deeper push into digital territory, this payment method makes it much easier to deposit and withdraw funds for affiliates on their way to earn commissions. Now, that all sounds fine on paper, but why should affiliates go for an ewallet? With this post, we aim to answer that question. Let’s begin.

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How to save money by opening bank accounts in different countries

Posted by MoneyNet Staff on August 9, 2017

For affiliates, merchants, and e-commerce that have a truly global scope of work, the preferred solution to get paid should meet some requirements. Namely, they want a quick and easy access to their earning. They want a comprehensive banking network that enables transfer of funds to a local bank so that the cost of getting paid and delays are avoided.

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