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When the time comes to select the best e-commerce solutions for your online store, things can get frustrating in a manner of seconds. Without proper guidelines, things can go into an endless spiral of choices and the risk of opting for a bad one increases. In a nutshell, what you want is plenty of effective options and features without any hassle in order to satisfy the diverse needs of e-commerce. In the fast growing e-commerce environment, there is a number of companies that say all the things you want to hear. However, there are actually few and far between companies that offer such solutions. Luckily for you, Moneynet falls into that category.

As a company that provides a full range of foreign exchange and payment services, we adhere to three core principles:

  • Savings
  • Security
  • Ease of use

In this post, we will detail these crucial reasons as to why our solutions merit your consideration and, eventually, selection.

1. Savings

Among the first things that an e-commerce business looks for in a payment solution is how to save money and reduce costs to a minimum. It’s normal and logical as the subsequent numbers provide a quantifiable, tangible proof where and how the money is being spent. With its innovative approach, Moneynet is designed to provide the flexibility along with the most competitive exchange rates and low transaction fees.

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As an example, we’ll show you how you can benefit from our handling of international payments and save money. More and more e-sellers are taking advantage of the global market by expanding their operations in the international business field, thereby maximizing profit margins. Every foreign currency payment is exposed to the ever-fluctuating exchange rates, which adds a level of uncertainty and risk, especially if the payments are based on regular time intervals (weekly, monthly). MoneyNet international can help you manage the risks by automating your currency transactions and fix in a rate annually, up to 5 percent lower as opposed to bank rates, without any transfer fees.  

Another example is opening a US or an EU bank account. Moneynet can help an e-commerce company open a US bank account in those two regions under its own name. Your company doesn't have to be registered as a US/EU company to use Moneynet. Usually, opening an account requires a certain fee or a minimal deposit, paying for accountant services to do it for you or simply travelling to the very place of business. Instead, we take care of all the work for you as everything is done online and free of charge.

Look at our money wire service. You can save money on international commissions by using your MoneyNet account. Because all incoming transfers are done in local currencies, there are no conversions fees. Once the money has reached your MoneyNet account, funds will be converted to Euros with no FX spread and credited to your account.

Or, if you use our e-wallet solution - you can convert the funds in your MoneyNet account into your local currency at super attractive rates and then withdraw it. Withdrawing in a local currency helps avoid fees of withdrawing money in a foreign currency at your local bank. Consider the alternative - withdraw the money in the currency you received it and pay hefty bank fees for receiving money in a foreign currency and for withdrawing it. The same is with PayPal and other payment services.  In addition, while receiving money to your MoneyNet e-wallet in the first place, you’ll pay a much lower fee than elsewhere. That’s just the way we do business.

The exchange rates Moneynet offers are significantly better than those offered by the banks, as well as the competition. The same goes for conversion fees. Contrary to banking practices, we do not charge any fees for incoming transfers into your Moneynet account. The bottom line is Moneynet can help you save money on your ongoing financial commitments through multiple ways. By using our online payment system, you are able to both send and receive money transfers in a safe, secure and efficient way.

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2. Security

In every e-commerce transaction between two sides, security is the pillar of that relationship. Simply put, a customer will lose hard-earned trust if security is compromised in any form. Choosing a secure payment platform is one of the most important decision you will ever make for your e-commerce business. There is no room for error and we understand that. That is why Moneynet puts so much effort in the security aspect.

As an Authorised Payments Institution, all client funds are held in a segregated client account with Barclays Bank, one of the most powerful financial corporations in the world. This account is specifically used to lodge client funds until we receive written confirmation from the client indicating where to transfer the funds. Moneynet does not speculate on the currency markets with clients funds.

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Regarding data security, Moneynet is registered under the Data Protection Act to hold only the minimum amount of data necessary to transact on the client’s behalf. No details are published to outside parties except for the details necessary to effect transactions. All of the data is encrypted and we have a tight fraud protection system that constantly monitors for suspicious activity.

However, often underlined facet of security is the credibility and overall organization of the company. Online payment facilitators must comply with strict legislative rules and guidelines. This also includes having correct certificates issued by an authorized party. As for Moneynet, the company is authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) for all of its trading activities. Additionally, we are also a Money Service Business (MSB) regulated by HMRC and are regulated by the FSA for the purpose of Anti-Money Laundering. With Moneynet, your funds are safeguarded and secure at all times.

3. Ease of use

The simplicity and speed with which a service delivers its solutions are equally important as it being cost-effective and secure. We like to believe our service excels in that regard. We don’t mind going the extra mile for our client. In need of a US bank account? We’ll open it for you under your name without an opening fee or a minimal deposit. The process is online-base and rather convenient and swift. Moneynet simplifies your business by offering comprehensive solutions.

For instance, our e-wallet solution is an all-in-one tool you can use for complete account management, including money transfer, currency exchange and online purchase. To explain some finer nuances of our service, consider this - you are able to pay your suppliers with their local currency. That’s right - you can pay your, let’s say, Chinese supplier with yuan. That way, you can provide an extended range of service that directly benefits your customers through money saved on conversion. You’ll hardly find that anywhere else.

You can transfer funds anywhere without any restrictions and use them for numerous purposes. We can create your own personalized online payment gateway with many deposit options like local wire payments, SEPA, direct debit, credit cards and more. If you have an e-commerce software in place, no worries - our advanced API will easily interface with your software due to its intuitive and professional build. You say flexibility, we say Moneynet. 

Lastly, consider how convenient it is to be able to view aggregated data in one place instead of the headache of multiple accounts. 


With our 12 years of experience and a team of professionals with over 20 years of market experience, we provide a service with low competitive cost in a manner faster than traditional channels. Moneynet is able to meet customer demands and needs by understanding the e-commerce business and the entire sales cycle. Our service brings value to your e-commerce in a cost-effective, secure and simplified way, seamlessly integrating with your business process. Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Lastly, we'd like to invite you to schedule a FREE 15 min consult with MoneyNet's expert consultants to evaluate your current business and learn how to cut down costs. Intersted? just click here ==>

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